Just when it was all going swimmingly

Darling daughter stuck a great big stick in the spokes of my marathon training plan this week. With a long steady run planned for Thursday morning on my way to work I had to leave a little earlier than is usually the case because the pace was overall slower than that of the threshold type session I usually fit in at this time. I set my alarm for nice and early to grab a quick bite to eat and give it time to settle. Delilah had other plans though, and decided to wake up at the same time as me and refused to settle in her cot – so I had to entertain her instead (I never want to wake Lyndsey in order for me to go for a run – she makes enough sacrifices as it is to allow me to indulge in this hobby of mine.) So I never did my run to work. That’s OK though, my kit was still at work on Friday, so I could just knock it back a day and do it then instead.


Not only was she up early again, but this time the cold bug she had been developing seemed to kick in with full force and as the childminder’s kids had been a bit sicky over the previous few days we decided it was best if we kept her at home – and that meant I stayed home with her.

She finally went for a nap, and in the absence of any running I decided to make full use of the new kettlebell I got for my birthday last weekend, and attempted the ‘Beginners Conditioning’ programme from the Kindle book ‘The Ultimate Kettlebells Workbook‘.

Holy Cow – that was brutal.


It turns out that marathon training does not equal strong. My limbs continue to ache (finally approaching that warm glowing kind of ache, rather than can’t-move DOMS) four days later.

On the evening my folks visited to look after darling daughter so that the wife and I could hit the town in style. We headed to the local Arts Centre to revel in the hilarity that is Ross Noble as he performed one of a handful of small warm-up gigs before he heads out on the road. My face was hurting within minutes – hilarious!!

Saturday, Mum and Dad were still with us and the plan called for a Steady 6 – so instead of parkrun that’s exactly what I set out to do. The combination of not running for three days and muscles still burning from the previous day’s exertions meant that I set off a little too fast though – probably eager to get it finished and done with.

“higher, higher!”

I was definitely keen to get Sunday’s run done. With tired legs I set out on a looped route of about four miles. It is about the closest I can come to ‘flat’ around Cranleigh, and with a looped marathon on the horizon post-London it’s probably a good idea to get used to the monotony. The task was simple – 5 miles steady (8min pace), 4 miles MP (7:30), 3 miles faster (7:15), 2 miles faster still (7min pace). I felt good throughout actually, my HR seems to have been fairly stable as I ramped up through the efforts and it was only in the penultimate three mile section that I felt I was starting to really push. By the final two however, Imogen’s wind was really starting to pick up, and although my effort was far exceeding that which I had achieved beforehand, the pace was not quite up to scratch.

I tried to stay up and watch at least a little bit of the Super Bowl – 40 minutes in, with just 12 minutes of the first quarter played, I had to give up! I may not bother watching the recording I took, seeing as I know the Panthers lost.

So, I dropped 10 miles in the end, and this week I am already set to struggle to fit it all into my hectic schedule. Where there is a will, there is a way. Have a good week y’all!


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