A Washout

At least as important as hitting every rep as hard as you can on the track, sleep, rest and recovery all play a key role in any training plan. Last week was a recovery week on the training plan, and it couldn’t have come at a much better time as there was one big stumbling block set in my way.

Not that I can grumble, given the trips I enjoyed last half term, but Lyndsey flew off to Venice on a school art trip on Thursday and the miles were always going to be difficult to achieve.

Monday and Tuesdays sessions were easy enough: a few recovery miles (which I did by commuting to work as I had kit left there from last week) and then steady six miles which I did instead of heading to the track.

Knowing that I would struggle to get a long run in at the weekend, it was shuffled forwards to Wednesday, but I couldn’t do that in the end so I hoped to fit it in on Thursday before picking up Delilah. In the end, time was tight and in reality I was going to be closer to ten miles than the planned 15 but I headed out the door to get it done.

Within a little over a mile I knew that something wasn’t right with my left knee and the ITB was kinda pulling/stabbing so I quickly decided to call it a day. I turned at the two mile point and headed for home – really rather dejected.

Half term kicked in, and school finished early on Friday so I tried to get that run in before I collected Delilah from the childminder’s. I hoped that Thursdays pain had only been temporary; thankfully, it was.

That was my running done for the week though. Daddy-Daughter time kicked in fulltime from Friday teatime, and we had a blast.

Waffles, Fish Fingers, and Poached Egg = Unbridled Joy


Saturday, in a bid to wear her out, I took her to explore a new soft play (new to us, not a new establishment) in Guildford. She had fun, and so did I. Who knew ball pools were such fun?!? Oh that’s right, I did!

and the plan worked :-

one sleeping child!

On Sunday, little miss was super excited to go swimming – she was even doing a little jig of joy in the changing room. As expected though, as soon as the prospect of getting in the water arrived, she freaked out. Lots of tears, a bit of splashing, some singing, a few duck noises, and a few more tears. With three minutes of the session left she started to enjoy herself – we must go swimming more often!! I don’t want her to be terrified of the water.

And then before we knew it, the time had come to go and collect Lyndsey from the airport.

In other news – the impending relegation from Division 1 of the Surrey League was confirmed for the Gee’s this weekend back at Wimbledon Common – possibly no bad thing, the Div 2 matches are often closer to home :-)

And my old man became bionic on Saturday as his new hip got installed. He got home today and now the biggest task is going to be for my Mum to make sure he doesn’t get too carried away with the ‘active’ recovery bits! You can follow his recovery here.

This week – I am back on it, full gas. I am recovered – how could I not be? Bring it on.

I have decided to do London (and my other two marathons in 2016) in aid of NSPCC – and you can help me out here, if you feel so inclined. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/ChrisMercerRuns



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