One step forward, how many backwards?

Oh, woe is me. Yet another week filled with setbacks. I suppose I should be grateful that these things keep cropping up during my recovery weeks, but it sure does feel like another kick in the teeth.

So a recovery week always comes with reduced intensity rather than dropped mileage totals. For various reasons I had to do my Monday recovery run in the evening and I took my inspiration from clubmate Al who is a fan of exploring every possible local road.

Gone explorin


Tuesday and Thursday both called for ‘Steady’ miles. The first of which was not without its issues as um, bathroom issues cropped up; it was not a comfortable experience. Thursday’s commute was not such a problem, but that’s not to say it was easy.

The reason for going slower on Thursday

My route choice also slowed me down as I was a little bored of my usual commute route so I decided to mix it up; the resulting trip from Forest Green to Holmbury St. Mary was busier than I thought it would have been and jumping up on to the verge to let traffic pass really added some seconds to my climb up the hill.

And from here on in everything went rapidly downhill. From Thursday afternoon my lower back was in agony for some reason and this was only partially eased by the massage I had at Cranfold Physio as part of their spring marathon package. My legs, on the other hand, felt terrific afterwards. Ready for a weekend of super running.


well Lyndsey wasn’t feeling well, but she had to be at work in the afternoon so I took control of the small child for the morning in an attempt to let her catch a few extra Zzzz’s. So my morning run didn’t happen, and by the evening I had decided to forgo the late night option so as to keep my legs fresh for the impending 20 miles.

and then I spent the whole night awake with searing stomach pain for whatever reason that was. The remainder of the day has been spent feeling rather sorry for myself as my stomach churned and churned.

My view for the day :-(

48 miles planned. 17 miles run.

Will I ever get through a recovery week in this training block and actually do some recovering?


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