Tired – Three Weeks to Go!

I realised I forgot to update y’all on last weeks progress. It was simple really – I managed to get some running done. After missing eight days, one 20 miler and one half marathon tune-up I was pleased to get out on the roads again. I stuck to steady miles every other day and pretty much knocked them out of the park.I finished the week with a 13 mile run which felt good, but effectively meant that I missed a second 20 mile run in the build up.

Delilah and I headed to the Easter Egg hunt organised by the local Lions, and we had a great time, even if we went so slowly that we didn’t end up finding an egg in the woods.


So, I finished the week pleased to be back running, but nervous that I had missed so very much training really.

On Monday this week I knocked out my easy miles, nice and easy, and felt that my legs might finally be coming back to me. By Tuesday I was at the track, in the pouring rain, ready and raring to go. It was a simple session: 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m, 1200m, 800m, 400m off 90 seconds. I started fine, but by the 12 and 16’oos I knew I was spent. My pace was dropping and I was quickly running solo. My pace slowed so significantly that I decided not to bother with the bonus miles, as I had been practically running that pace anyway; they weren’t going to offer any bonus at all.

Thursday was the day I was properly dreading – the threshold session! This was by far the longest I had done (beating the previous best of nine miles which felt good, and better than the absolutely failed 11 mile attempt on a run to work a few weeks ago.) The plan was 1 mile warm up and cool down with 12 miles at 7:15 pace wedged firmly in the middle. I decided to go for four mile loops which are about as flat as I can find around here. The first one went well, the second started to hurt, but the third was well and truly in the hurt locker. My final mile actually dropped all the way down to eight minutes which kind of went against the target, but it was the best I could do.

On Saturday I got to make good on my Christmas pressie from my folks which was a morning of rock climbing. I was so lucky to get great weather for the day as we drove over to Groombridge and I dropped the girls at Groombridge Place for the day whilst I headed to Harrison Rocks.

The group of 11 of us had a great time going up the sandstone rocks on a number of different routes of varying difficulty. I am really not overly strong, but I had a whale of a time doing it. As per the training plan I also had five miles to do, so I took the opportunity to discover somewhere new and went from a run from Groombridge to Eridge and back again. Spring is truly springing and it was a delight to be out in it.

I kinda ached a little this morning, unsurprisingly, but I had my breakfast and set out of the door for my final long run of this training block. From the very beginning I was feeling sluggish and I never really settled into the target 8min pace I had hoped for. I knuckled down and got it done despite slowing significantly towards the end and really feeling like I wanted to stop. I am so pleased to have gotten a >20 miler under my belt at last for this training period; I can now enter the taper period full of confidence.


Three weeks to go!!


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