What’s parkrun worth?

I’m not sure I could add any better points than these to highlight the ridiculousness of the decision by the parish council to charge parkrun for use of the park.


Over the course of a year, parkrun UK improves the health of the UK population to a value of circa £8.7million.

The decision by Stoke Gifford Parish Council in Bristol to impose a financial charge on parkrun to deliver its free weekly running event in their local park has attracted a great deal of media attention. It begs the question, what is parkrun worth?… specifically, to the health of the population? One way to consider this is through the concept of the Quality Adjusted Life Year (QALY).

A QALY is a way of measuring the quality and quantity of health improvements. A QALY is equivalent to one full year of life at full health for one individual, so two years of life for an individual at 50% of full health is the equivalent of one QALY, and so on. An analysis of QALYs is the way in which the National Institute…

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