Recovery Week 1 / 5 Weeks to Roadrunner

So, there are two things to focus on at the minute now that the London Marathon is done and dusted. The first is recovering in a sensible fashion. The second is preparing for the next marathon in what is now less than four weeks away.

So with the first thing in mind, the week started nice and easily post-marathon. My training plan even said I could go for a VERY easy run, but I took up the first option and decided to go for a nice walk up on the hill from work. I drove up to the car park, popped my trainers on and enjoyed a very pleasant 2.5 miles in about 40 minutes – not too slow when you consider the elevation profile around here. It was also nice to spend a little time noticing nature, rather than kind of running blindly along as I often do when I am up there.



My first run came on Wednesday, and it was a very pleasant affair. The legs felt surprisingly good and only seemed to show minor signs of some residual muscle soreness. Can’t really complain about that a few days after a marathon.

I had a massage after work on Thursday, so by the end of that my legs felt practically brand new. So much so, that I foolishly decided to run on Friday down the hill and back again, rather than the slightly less elevation-y across the hill run that I usually do. I am a bit bored of my usual route to Holmbury and back, but it beats the 1.5 mile climb when coming back to school.

Loved hanging out with my girl on Saturday morning, and even better she left me loads of cake to eat.


In the afternoon we went to get her haircut and wander around Guildford. Despite falling asleep in the car for an hour she then came in the house and promptly fell asleep on me.


The first 5 miler I did after Frankfurt hurt like hell thanks to a miserable run on the hotel treadmill. This time round the weather couldn’t have been much better as I strolled effortlessly around Cranleigh on a glorious spring morning.

Week one of recovery done, week one of training done! Result


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