Persevering with slow and steady

Another week down, and just a fraction more running done. I know the key to a sensible recovery and long term, injury-free, running is to take it slow and steady but these easy runs are beginning to test my patience a little.

That’s not to say that I haven’t enjoyed my running though. As the weather in the UK (well, the southern half at least) has turned from snow to sunshine it has been lovely going out to enjoy the sunshine and run slow enough to ensure it’s not too uncomfortable. Indeed, the worst bit is the fact that when running at work on lunchtime I then have to go to the shower room in the basement next to the boiler which is hotter than the centre of the earth. All this results in is a sweaty mess when I get back to my desk.

Monday’s run was, nice. Such a very beige word, but a fairly accurate description of my now usual 3 mi route from work. I decided to go off road on Wednesday and actually enjoyed my first run up on the hill for a very long time. Thankfully much of it had dried out which meant the road shoes I was wearing were fine.The biggest problem with this run was trying to keep my pace down at the prescribed ‘recovery’ level, especially when going downhill.

Two days of rest came next, which was nice. Not sure when I last had two days off, that weren’t part of some sickness.

On Saturday morning I set out after a leisurely morning routine for another run along what has become my standard five mile loop. Again, I struggled to keep the pace down at the ‘recovery’ end of the spectrum, but I did feel nice and comfortable so I can’t ask for better than that.

Afterwards we headed to the village for an opticians appointment to check out my dodgy eyes, which sadly don’t appear to have gotten any better in the last five weeks so it looks like I need to change my contact lens lifestyle for the foreseeable future. We stopped for lunch at Pizza Express (too hot to cook) and then headed back home to sit quietly in the garden.


The final run this week was a simple four miles which I knocked out this morning after doing some hoovering, and before a lovely cup of coffee in the garden. The only other I have had to do this weekend is dash out to the shop for ice cream; if this is our summer, then we’ll make the most of it!



I’m definitely a bit bored of ‘recovery’ runs, but this week I get to go to the track on Tuesday night, and I am allowed to go to parkrun on Saturday too!! Woohoo! But which one to go to. Decisions, decisions.


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