The marathon was a little over two weeks behind me when I made it back to the track on Tuesday night. Not only was this my first time running in circles for a few weeks, but it was my first ‘short’ session in a looooooong time. That meant it called for 3x500m with 100m jog recovery; three times, with three minutes between the reps. I probably set off a little quick with 1:50 for the first two reps (slower than the time it took Rotich to win the 800m at Diamond League this weekend), but my remaining seven reps were all between 1:54 – 1:56.

The weather didn’t seem to make up its mind this week, but thankfully the rainy days didn’t seem to coincide with the running schedule. On Thursday I even managed to enjoy a gentle ‘easy’ run home in the glorious early evening sunshine. I know the net-downhill will ave certainly helped to bump my pace, but still, it felt comfortable and my heart rate stayed pretty low. Maybe I am getting fitter / getting over the marathon.

Not content with a speed session, I was even allowed to run parkrun this weekend. I gave it a lot of thought during the week about which I might do, but in the end I opted for logistical ease of heading to Cranleigh – sacrificing any PB hunting efforts. With my back garden remaining a bit swampy after the latest rain I decided to go for a pair of speedcross on my feet to get through the mud. As it turned out, my garden is an anomaly and the parkrun course was actually pretty close to dry. So the heavy weights on my feet definitely went some way to slowing me down a little. However, I still managed to come 8th in a time of 20:41, which I am OK with.

We didn’t get up to a great deal this weekend and Delilah seems to be thinking she would like to be using the loo. At this stage, that is somewhat limiting our desire to travel far from home.

After a handful of steady miles this morning, my girls and I hung around the homestead watching Ben and Hollie’s Little Kingdom, playing in the garden, and eating yummy food. Hooray!


Miles this week :  24.5

Less than two weeks until the next marathon. Almost ready for it!


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