Training / Maintaining

It’s almost over, this bizarre period of recovering from one marathon before preparing and then tapering for the next. Many people run marathons back to back, or maybe on consecutive weekends. In these cases, the recovery is simply to do whatever you feel like doing (if anything at all) in between.

I cannot lie, the ‘recovery’ bit was getting a little dull though of course I do understand why I was doing it. Over the last week or two I have been able to add a little bit of speed into the workouts. On Tuesday this resulted in an epic session called ‘The Parlov’.

There are a few different ways to run this session, but they all entail working in pairs. The way we ran it at the track last week was effectively as an 8km race. It was up to us in our pairs to decide how we’d work the logistics (a stronger runner could run further if they wanted to give a slower partner a rest, for example) but we decided to go for the basic 10x 400m reps each.

Many runners talk about doing track work that leaves them feeling sick at the side of the track, lactic burning in their muscles and their lungs gasping for every available drop of oxygen in the air. I have run hard before, but never really got that sensation. Until, Tuesday. The nature of racing other groups seemed to make me push on, and on, harder and harder. Until this week I had probably only ever run a sub-80s 400m rep on a couple of occasions, total. At the track on Tuesday I managed to six of my ten reps in less than 80 seconds. And it damn near killed me.

But I kind of loved it.

I had to work hard on Thursday too. With a threshold session on the books it was time for a run commute up the hill. 5 miles at a 7:15 pace was achieved with minimal fuss, but with lots of very loud noise in my ears courtesy of Hell Is For Heroes. Lovely.

On Saturday I had hoped to get up to the big smoke for the Night of the 10,000m PBs event, but sadly it was not to be. Instead, I got my run done in the morning (a little harder than I should have done) and then spent the afternoon with my girlies. We followed that pattern almost exactly, on Sunday as I did my run in the morning (another ‘Steady’ five miles) and then we headed out for the afternoon. Delilah had a whale of a time charging around Wisley and we discovered a new part of this monster garden that we hadn’t wandered around before.

Yesterday I enjoyed a lazy lunchtime lollop to Holmbury and back, and this evening I ran home from work. And that leaves me with just one more run to do before the Kent Roadrunner Marathon on Saturday.

Bring it on!



6 thoughts on “Training / Maintaining

      1. Cheers (it’s Adam btw ;). No, so slightly concerned the laps might send us crazy! But videos seem to suggest it’s fairly flat at least, and a good atmosphere. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get too hot!

      2. haha, why was I replying to myself? That’s weird. Sorry about that.
        Flat is good, the scenery is probably not all that hot though – but it looks like it’ll be fun.

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