Inauspicious Beginnings

When I signed up for the Kent Coyote Marathon I promised Lyndsey it would be the last one (at least for the very considerable future.) Lyndsey’s new job is going to eat into our weekend time as a family and having been incredibly selfish with that in recent years, I need to cut my weekend running time. So the Coyote is all about the culmination of all my marathoning knowledge and well placed at the end of a long summer holiday which will allow for excellent training.

That was the plan.

Having run London in April and the Roadrunner in May, I have had an easy couple of weeks before rolling into the next block of training due to start on Monday.

But my knee hurt a little during stages of the Roadrunner marathon and since then each run has had varying degrees of discomfort; sometimes a little, other times none at all. On Friday, after a sleepless night and a long day at work, I ended up missing out on my planned run completely. In fairness this was probably no bad thing – another chance for a little extra recovery.

I also thought that I might have missed Saturday’s run after running out of time in the morning before we went out to see a whole host of family from all over the world in the afternoon. However, a surprise chance to lace up my trainers and head out of the door suddenly presented itself once Delilah was in bed and I grabbed it with both hands, keen to stretch my legs out and having no idea that my knee hurt.

It didn’t take long before the discomfort crept in though, and although I tried my best to ignore it, I actually decided after just 3.5 miles that it wasn’t worth bothering any more and I stopped.

It’s not going away, and I think that means I need to do a little more than simply cross my fingers and hope for the best. As it stands, I am 13 weeks away from the marathon, and I was due to start the official training plan tomorrow. I think instead that I will take the full eight days off running and indeed not doing anything that might aggravate my knee, and with any luck that will be enough to let the problem subside.

A quick google, and using the excellent running injury oracle resources, seems to point to quadriceps tendinopathy. All the reading certainly seems to fit very well with the pain/symptoms that I have endured. Thankfully I have only been doing gentle running so far which hopefully means no huge damage done and this short enforced rest will suffice.

Anyway, who needs a 13 week training plan? Surely a 12 week plan makes more sense; 13 is just unlucky!


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