A Purple Patch

The Oxford Dictionary reports a purple patch as follows:


1) British informal
A run of success or good luck:
people expect me to score in every game now I’ve hit a purple patch
I, on the other hand, experience it more like this:
Once again it has been a little while since I blogged as I continued to feel I had little extra to add to any online discussion about my running. I had a rotten time last week as I missed the early runs due to our house move – which went swimmingly by the way – but I think once the stress of that wore off I was left with a grotty phlegmy mess sitting somewhere between my sinuses and my chest. No running until a good effort on Saturday followed by an aborted long run on the Sunday. I ended the week feeling rather dejected and dreaming of the wonderful training block I enjoyed in the build up to the last Autumn marathon.
I got out on Monday this week for a handful of miles which served to enable me to explore the local footpaths. I haven’t moved far (from East to North in the same village,) but I have never ventured on these particular paths.
The view from my new front door

On Tuesday I headed to the club session which this week was on the park as we begin to look toward the winter XC campaign. The session was 2x 5min, 2x 4min, 2x 3min, 2x 2min, 2x 1min, all off 90s recovery. This is a great session on an undulating route, and this time last year I loved it. This week I felt little other than lethargy. It was a good session, but I felt like I was really having to try exceptionally hard. Likely down to the fact that I had missed another week of training due to illness.

Yesterday we went on our now traditional house-move pilgrimage to IKEA for yet more furniture and storage solutions. Upon returning home I began carting some of the items up to the back bedroom where I would be constructing them. Earlier in the day we had been testing the airbed for size in this room and I had deflated it, folded it, and stored it in the corner. It is a huge hulk of blue plastic and when filled with air it is soft and slightly squishy – a very comfortable bed in fact. When it is deflated it turns out that it is pretty solid. I discovered this as I inadvertently kicked it and felt searing pain through my toe. I assumed I had stubbed my toe and thought little of it. However, as I continued building furniture I became very aware of a painful sensation in my foot. As I finally pulled my sock off to investigate I noticed that I was unable to bend the toe and it was starting to turn purple just beneath the nail.

This morning it still felt uncomfortable though it felt a fraction more mobile, but it had turned a little more purple. As I write this now though, it remains uncomfortable to walk on, un-bendable, and heavily bruised. I suspect I have managed to break something in my toe and as my Dad pointed out to me earlier in the day, it is probably worth getting an x-ray. The problem here is that unless I have done something obscure and the bone is poking out, there is nothing that the Dr’s could do so it seems like a waste of my time and theirs.

What this does mean is that I can only assume that I am out of running for at least a little while. I still hope that this issue is simply bruising, but I am not confident about that. I have 6.5 weeks until the next marathon; God only knows what is going to happen with that! I need to get my combining medals!!


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