T-minus 1 week

Last summer I began training for the Frankfurt marathon on just about the very first day of the summer holidays.  Aside from a slight hiccup right at the very beginning of the training plan, everything went really well.  In fairness I didn’t hit every single target, and sometimes I felt bad about that.  Although the holidays didn’t allow for quite the flawless preparation I might have dreamed of it did allow for a solid training which I could build upon once I returned for the new school year.

So, despite the Coyote being a month earlier, I was confident that a solid summer of training would push me on towards my lofty 3:15 goal.

The first week couldn’t have fizzled out with a wimper much more than it did; missed the first official run, bailed out halfway through the second with knee pain, and got slower and slower on the first long run.  Uh oh.

I have barely bothered blogging since then, because every week felt like something was going wrong.

I went on holiday – nothing wrong with that per se, but the hilly Dorset/Devon borderlands, Lyndsey’s birthday, and family time just cut into whatever I could hope to achieve.  Then we started to plan for our house move.  Then we actually moved house. When can you run when all that is going on?  On the day of the move I went to bed feeling as though I was swallowing razors and missed another four runs.

Finally back moving again after that episode I proceeded to do possibly one of the stupidest things ever; I kicked a deflated airbed (effectively a solid lump of polyurethane) and although it smarted at the time, within hours it was abundantly clear that I had broken the middle toe of my left foot.  Typical recovery time: four weeks.

12 days later I finally gave up and went out to test the injury.  It went OK.  So I threw myself back into training the best I could.  Except I had less than a month to go by this point.

With four weeks to go, on each of my previous marathons, I stop consuming caffeine – no mean feat for a coffee fan such as myself – with the hope that my first coffee on race day, and the subsequent gels, can give me the kick I need to complete the 26.2 miles.  I think evidence of my waning interest in this race can be seen in my current consumption of lots of caffeine every day.  It is just so tasty!

Four weeks to go ahead of a marathon generally means one week of training left, followed by a nice taper.  But in reality, what is there to taper from at the moment?

Still, by and large, I have managed to get some training done, including a 21 miler (slowly, but I did it!)  Today I signed off with my final ‘long’ Sunday run of eight miles in the midday sun; nice after yesterdays miles in the rain.

Come hell or high-water, next Sunday I am going to get me my coyote medal – the sibling to my monster-sized Roadrunner one.  Then perhaps I’ll take a little break from marathoning!


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