Putting my money where it matters

A couple of weeks ago a nice chap* named Tom emailed me to tell me a little about his company and see if I might be interested in sharing it on the blog.


Ride Skincare is a local company (to me at least, maybe not to you, dear reader) based in Godalming, Surrey, of whom I have been aware for a while, but whose products launched just last week.  You might be able to guess from the company name, but their main focus is on those who do outdoor pursuits (riding, running, surfing, outdoor chess) and aiming to provide them with products which protect their skin.

I read an article in Athletics Weekly a few short months ago highlighting the significant risks that runners are taking (certainly when wearing just vest and shorts in the summer) with their skin every time we step out for a run.  Indeed, personally, it is only in the absolute height of summer on the super hot days that I think about applying suncream.  Foolish, I know, but the truth.

For that post-run glow, having been out in the lashing rain, the baking sun, or up on the muddy fells, looking after your chops with a nice moisturiser is probably a good idea too – unless your beard is so bushy that it does a good job at keeping your face covered up. Ride Skincare have also produced just such an item: Ride:Recover Moisturiser

Perhaps the most unique selling point about both the SPF-30 suncream and the moisturiser offered by Ride Skincare, is that they are derived entirely from natural products (no nasty SLSs to be found) and whilst this isn’t an issue for me, it is one that I am inherently aware of as both darling wife and daughter suffer from very sensitive skin, so it certainly is a bonus!

Resistant to moisture (rain and, more importantly, sweat,) these products have been in development and testing for two years now, and last week they hit kickstarter with the aim of raising funds to begin full production.  To me, the product sounds like a bit of a no-brainer really and the opportunity to support a local fledgling company in this time of economic uncertainty was one I felt I had to take.

If you are interested, you can support Ride Skincare in their product launch by heading over to kickstarter and making a pledge. I have, and I hope you can see the benefit too.

kick logo small


*I assume. Not actually met him.


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