Beginning IF

I have decided to give Intermittent Fasting (IF) a whirl. I decided it was worth a try a little while ago, but rather than leaping straight into it I chose to mark the commencement of this little experiment with the first of December.

I had already set out that I was going to ease back on my running a little over December as the niggly foot injury isn’t feeling much better and I was feeling a little burnt out with it all after training for, and running, four marathons since July 2015. With all the Christmas-related food on offer throughout the month a lack of running would result in me getting a little bit tubbier than I already am, and I already feel a little larger than I would like to be.

The benefits of IF have been gaining awareness, particularly since Michael Mosley’s BBC documentary highlighted the health benefits afforded by short bursts of fasting.

Over the course of my research I have discovered many ways of fasting over various days/hours which range from a calorie deficit to full days without any food.  The 5:2 diet is a particularly popular approach to limiting food intake; on two days a week, total input is limited to ~500-600 calories.  However, these can be spread throughout the day in any way you choose, so not always necessarily classed as fasting.

The second most popular fasting routine appeared to be the 16:8 process. Put simply, you fast for 16 hours, and do all the day’s eating within an eight hour window. It could also be 18:6, 20:4, or even 23:1.  I have decided to follow the 16:8 protocol; to my mind it seems to be the best fit for my lifestyle.

So, on day 1, December 1st, here I am.

I know I am not significantly ‘fat’, but there are chunky bits that I’d like to be less chunky.

More importantly, the many reported health benefits that come from fasting including better insulin response, and mental clarity, are overwhelmingly positive so why not try?


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