3 weeks’ progress

If there is one thing that I’ve learnt about this intermittent fasting process,  it’s to not take it too seriously. That’s not to say that I haven’t paid attention to what I was doing and when I was eating,  but I failed at my prescribed plan of fasting for 16 hours just three days into this experiment.
With a trip to London with family,  a birthday party for three year old, and a work Christmas dinner over three consecutive days, this was always going to provide a tricky initiation.  I soon got back on the horse, so to speak, and although I haven’t been running very much throughout the month,  I did start to see the numbers on the scales start to fall.

Before  |  After

I didn’t think I could see many changes taking place but the pictures above definitely show a slight decrease in chub. The scales officially put this loss at 1.9kg in the 20 days I’ve been doing this.

The first few days were tricky and I quickly realised that I needed to bring am afternoon small to work in an attempt to stop me gorging on biscuits once I could eat again. Most surprisingly, the hunger pangs really did only last for a week or so. Of course each day is slightly different, but I’m generally eating 12-8pm. By lunch time I’m ready to eat,  but often do so in order to tie in with work/family, not because I’m ready to chew my own arm off. The answer really is black coffee and water.

As I said, I haven’t run with much focus in December and I have completed a few runs at the very end of a 16 hour fast.  These runs weren’t always plant, but I suspect that was an equal measure of psychology and physiology at play here. Only time will tell if this is truly compatible with my lifestyle,  but I think early signs are positive.


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