My 2016 running review

Generally I get to this point in the year and go back to the posts I wrote in January to assess whether I met the targets I had set for the year.

But, I don’t appear to have written a post like that for 2016. So how can I address whether I succeeded or not?

veloviewer 2016.png

Compared with last year, I have had fewer ‘active’ days, covered less miles, ran fewer times up Everest. All mighty impressive when you consider that I have run three marathons this year.

2016 will definitely go down as the year of the marathon having run a PB in London, and then two lapped courses at Gravesend. But actually, I have PB’d at every distance I have raced this year, and competed in a number of parkruns and cross country events for the club this year.


Despite the obvious highlight of PBing in London, I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of cross country running on the mecca that is Parliament Hill. This was a truly exhilarating race, but tough like I have never experienced before – I can’t wait to go back again in a few weeks’ time.

Whilst I might be disappointed about the 10km time not quite edging below 40 minutes, I can take heart from this effort late in the season, against vicious headwinds, and see my way to improving this time in the coming year. I also feel the need to address the parkrun time as the PB set at Horsham was almost certainly a short course, and I only narrowly missed out on bettering it at Middlesbrough in the run up to VMLM.

For me, the biggest set back came from the injuries and illnesses that I seemed to sustain from about May onward. This limited my training for the two Gravesend efforts, and made me a miserable bugger for a large part of the year.

2016 has been a funny old year around the world, so I look forward to moving on to 2017 and seeing what that brings.


One thought on “My 2016 running review

  1. it seems everyone had moments of running greatness in 2016 and times they just wish they could forget. Hopefully you avoid illness and injury and 2017. Best of luck

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