2017 Here I Come

What came before?

My Strava 2016, best-of video, as can be seen below, is visually pretty impressive. But the numbers don’t seem to add up to all that much to me.

I feel like, despite setting a number of PBs etc, 2016 just wasn’t all that much, and I definitely burned out towards the end. So what am I going to do differently with my running in 2017?

Sadly, I feel like it will take off at a bit of a whimper as I have done some sort of damage in my hip somewhere. The emergency trip to an osteopathy office, which was miraculously open on a bank holiday, suggested an issue with my sacroiliac joint. I have no idea what has caused this, but I suppose it is likely to do with a long drive up north, a few weeks on an airbed, and a poorly family with germs passing back and forth, and a wonderful full body massage on Friday that probably just relaxed everything a bit too much.

I ran yesterday, which felt fine, but I certainly don’t feel any better this afternoon than I did yesterday so it isn’t easing much / at all.  I’ll look to get back to the osteopath next week and see whether I can get a bit more range of motion back.

I had already set out my targets before this happened, and even gone so far as to book into a couple of races. Having said that I wasn’t going to be running a marathon again for quite some time, 2017 had already been allocated the year of ‘shorter and speedier’.

With that in mind, I have set out the following races:

  • Paddock Wood, half marathon, 2/4/17
  • AMBA City of London Mile, mile, (June)
  • Barns Green, 10 kilometer, 24/9/17
  • Cabbage Patch 10, 10 mile, 15/10/17
  • a fast parkrun somewhere, 5 kilometer

So, I think that is pretty much every speedy distance covered; spread nicely throughout the year, a consistent block of training should offer great reward.


MILE: Well, whenever I listen to Marathon Talk I give thought to what my ‘Magic Mile’ time might be, and I am never quite sure. I think if I could get along in less than 6 minutes I would be happy.

5KM: Importantly, I need to shift the Horsham PB from my record, so 19:26 at a minimum. I think that once I have done some solid training, a late 5km somewhere flat should see sub 19 being achievable.

10KM: at 40:41 this year, the 40 minute barrier should be break-able this year (provided the wind isn’t against me again.) Barns Green is regarded a fast course for the half marathon, so I think the 10km will likely be fast too, but I can always squeeze Dunsfold Jigsaw Race in again if I need to.

10MILE: I have only raced this distance once before – The Dorking 10 which finally saw my knee give way and was ultimately my last run in anger before surgery. The 9minute/mile pace I averaged here will hopefully be surpassed with a time far closer to 70:00 (though going under might be a tad ambitious!)

HALF MARATHON: The PB for this one was my first race back after surgery, so I was taking it relatively easy. With that in mind something like 1:35 would be good.

Kicking off

I’ll not be starting the year like this in 2017:

The Hardmoors 15 – NYD January 2016

But I do hope to be competing a New Years Day Double at parkrun – I just hope my back/hips/legs can hold themselves together.

2017: bring it on!


One thought on “2017 Here I Come

  1. The City of London Mile is awesome, it’s a surprisingly tough old slog but really, really fun! I did the solo and family mile last year and if dates work out I’ll be back again! See you there!

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