The 100 Reps Challenge

The November challenge was something of a damp squib. I just couldn’t seem to fit it in whilst also trying to (and sometimes achieving) 5 runs a week. So, my tack has changed a little, and for the month of December I shall be dropping the running a little (parkrun, LSR, and maybe two club sessions) to allow time for a fully concerted effort at the 100 reps challenge on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

This video from Stuart Amory @ In-Kilter Fitness includes either a bodyweight, or a kettlebells option for the challenge entitled the 100 Reps Challenge

As I don’t have kettlebells, I’ll be doing the body weight version. I’ll be doing level 3 (which I think should probably be level 1 really) which is just one set of 100 reps. I have made a few changes to the reps, as I am fully embracing my love of The GRID, and its use as an all round fitness tool.

So what are the 100 reps?

10 x Squats
10 x Forward Lunges (alternating legs)
10 x Backward Lunges (alternating legs)
10 x Sideways Lunges (alternating legs)
10 x Press ups
10 x Squat Thrusts
10 x Cross Body Climber (alternate knee to opposite elbow whilst in press up position)
10 x Single-Leg Deadlift
10 x Alternate Arm Raises (in press up position)
10 x Burpees

During the first four exercises (squats and lunges), holding the grid in front of the body, arms length away, squeezing the hands together at each end of the tube engages the arms, shoulders, and core muscles to enhance the effect of the exercise.

Next up, the pressups are completed with the top of the shin resting on the grid. At the top of the movement, roll the legs in towards the body (imagine an inverse crunch type of thing) along the top of the grid and then back away again. That is one complete press-up movement.

On the cross body climber I move the grid up, and grip the ends of the tube whilst performing the exercise, adding a sense of a wobble to the movement – again engaging the core.


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