The Marathon Mercer Store

So, I’ve set up my own store-front on Zazzle to sell some of my witty ‘Any Idiot Can Run’ designs. It’s pretty simple to remember, just head on over to*. But just hold your horses for a moment or two whilst I show you some of the awesome things that are currently on there.


These prints are set at A4 size and would look brilliant in a frame on the wall – probably best in the toilet, the one room you can guarantee you’ll visit everyday so you can soak up every ounce of inspiration, and also it’s the most likely place your guests will visit and spend the time paying attention to it!! :-)


These mugs are pretty cool, particularly useful for sparking conversation at the office water cooler, or just placing on your desk and waiting for people to comment. The design doesn’t just have to be on a boring white mug, either. You can actually order it on a travel mug so you can impress fellow commuters on the train, or maybe a beer stein, useful for when you are replacing all those valuable minerals after exercise!!


These t-shirts come in either a mens or a ladies fit and are made from a wicking material. Only available in white I am afraid, but at least it means you’ll be seen when sporting this awesome new shirt!


The piece-de-resitance, the design can even be printed onto an Adidas Climaproof jacket – ideal for use when training and you just need to take the edge off that drizzle or wind which is sapping your mojo. I was pretty amazed when I discovered this piece, so I hope that you enjoy it!

Fun Stuff

I’ve done a few bits-and-pieces for fun that you will enjoy including this bumper sticker. There is more stuff available, so I’ll be updating the product line.

As I continue to build upon the stuff that is available I hope that you will continue to check back. If you do, can I ask one simple favour – if you always click through on the link here (or at the top of the page) it will help my referral ratings, so that would be much appreciated.

If you have any comments, or there is a design or colour that you would prefer (i.e. you want the 26.2 print, but with white writing on a red background on a mug, then just let me know and I’ll get that sorted for you straight away!!) Comment below, or use the contact me page on the blog.

Thanks guys!!

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