Training Plans

Plan?!?! You honestly think I plan??

OK, so quite often I make a plan. But then the vagaries of life get in the way, and before the ink has even dried I’ve normally moved on to something different.

I like the security of a plan, and of a target to work towards. In 2013 I have some pretty well defined and sizable targets to work towards; targets that are going to need significant planning. For the run up to the Hardmoors 30 I have been using a plan that was hacked together from a few sources on the internet. It has been well used, not particularly well adhered to, but with a rough structure in place it has definitely helped. Currently, 11 days from the race, I am confident that it has helped me enough to succeed at the race.

Following the Hardmoors I have 19 weeks to get in shape for the first assault on the North Downs Way. I think I probably need to use the first 3 of those weeks to shake off any niggles from the race, and hopefully benefit from a little sports massage and strengthening exercises on my dodgy knees.

This is going to be tough though, as on Monday 7th January the mighty beast that is MarathonTalk Jantastic starts. This superb spring motivation campaign last three wonderful months, and this year saw me achieve things I never thought I would with my running, and only served to provide so much inspiration that I couldn’t help but use it throughout the year.

Here is my 50 mile training plan in so far as I have completed it. Have a look, and tell me what you think. I am nervous about some of those long hours. But from here, it’s only going to get longer!!


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